Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I don’t have to tell people who know me that my life is hectic, full of fun and lots of craziness. I live life to its fullest and I rarely slow down. I figure I’ll rest when I die.

The last couple of weeks all that hoopla hit home in a very unusual and special way.

As you know, I have made my writing a priority in my life. I want to finish a book, I want to pitch my book to an editor, and I want to be published. That’s been my goal this year, and I’ve pushed hard to make it happen.
However, in the last week I’ve re-prioritized my life a little. A family emergency (that didn’t involve blood) slammed into me like a tornado Sunday morning at 3:00AM. There was a crisis brewing, and mom was the only one that could solve this particular problem, or at least be the best listener.

1336015As I sat there and listened and agreed or disagreed with my son I realized how much I love this young man. How proud I was that I’d done such a good job of raising him into the fine person he’d become. I actually heard him repeat words I’d once said. And here I thought he never listened. I love that guy.

Anyway, after several hours, the crisis was averted and all was well, but it opened my eyes, and my heart.

1285842I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I will never ever put writing above my family, my friends or myself. While I think writing is an honorable and noble thing, it’s not the air I breathe. It’s not so powerful it can make me forget what’s important to me. I need love in my life and I’m very happy for that. Not love from a man, yes, I have that, but love from my family, and my friends, and I also love me more.

I thank God for the wonderful family I have. Oh yes, they drive me so nuts you’d think I live on the Autobahn. But they belong to me, so it’s all good. God also blessed me with the best, most wonderful friends a gal could ever have. They make me a better person when I spend time in their presence. They nurture me, they comfort me and they make my heart expand with love and appreciation.

We all need to love as much as humanly possible; love until it doesn’t hurt anymore and you’re not afraid to do anything. Trust with the knowledge that it will all work out. Nothing is forever. And yes, you are much stronger than you think.

Friendships are the most valuable things I have. They make me complete, honest and forgiving. They’ve forgiven me, blessed me, cussed me, and guided me. But mostly, they understand me, and that’s a real chore for anyone.

1336757Last night as I sat with friends celebrating, I realize that years together only make you a better friend. And time allows all the masks to drop and you finally become your true self. That’s when you realize you’re home, safe and comfortable in the embrace of those who love you.

So, write those wonderful stories, and become that New York Times Bestselling Author, but don’t compromise who you are or what’s important to get there.

Write On!

Geri Foster   


  1. Wonderful post, Geri, you brought tears to my eyes. Such great truths here, it's awesome. Congratulations on raising a wonderful family and thank you for sharing your generous spirit with us. I'm glad to call you friend!

  2. Very nice post, Geri. I agree, how lucky we are to have family and friends we love and I'm blessed that you are a friend!

  3. Awesome, awesome post, Geri!!! You spoke to my heart in many ways! Thanks, you helped make me look at my life a little different.


  4. Wonderful words, Geri. As one of the many friends who love you, I appreciate your positive attitude and loyalty. If you tell someone you're their friend, he or she can count on that fact because you are steadfast. Bless you and yours.