Monday, March 7, 2011


Hello, sunshine! Welcome to Texas!
Even though we haven’t had a really hard winter, (and yes, we’re due for another freeze) I’m so ready for warmer temperatures. I was lucky enough to be born in Texas, fourth generation as a matter of fact on the maternal side. My heritage is in the country, I learned to celebrate spring early in life-as a child following my parents and grandparents around the family homestead.
I love spring and the warmer weather. I fantasize about living in a place where the temperatures don’t range from the low thirties in the morning and the high seventies in the afternoon. But deep in my heart I know I’ll never leave Texas. Texas is in my blood, my heart, my soul.
To celebrate spring, I’ve got the tomato plants ready to go and this year I bought some asparagus. I love fresh asparagus right from the garden, so I thought I’d grow my own. I know it’s a lot of work, but years down the road it’ll be worth it.
I love watching the grass turn green, the plants grow, all the blooming flowers and trees. If it’s March can Bluebonnets be far away? I look forward to Bluebonnets. And butterflies, I love watching butterflies flit from bush to bush and flower to flower. Their bright colorful wings catch the light and lift my spirits; they always make me smile. Oh and hummingbirds, don’t forget those beautiful winged speedsters.
Yesterday I saw a little boy trying to get a kite off the ground and into the air, it's spring.
Lawnmowers roared to life, it's spring.
Neighbors took time to chat as they cleaned flowerbeds or washed the cars, it's spring.
And let’s not forget the sound of steaks sizzling on the grill, it's spring.
When the day was done, light faded to darkness with a subtle softness and the promise of another spring day tomorrow.
It’s spring time in Texas, a time for love and laughter, fun and excitement.

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