Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Amazing Bodies

Open Wide.
Say Ahhhh!
I had laser gum surgery Monday and am recuperating. I expected to be in quite a lot of pain, but am not really. Yes I’m sore and achy, and tired, but considering how in-depth the procedure was, I’m impressed I’m not in more pain. Okay, I am taking a mild pain medication which helps, but still, I am amazed at how quickly our amazing bodies heal and how much medical torture we can endure. I’ve decided this year to address some of my medical issues and this was a big one for me. Yay, now I’m on the mend and the worst is over.

I have to eat soft foods for 10 days, so that part will be difficult because I like to eat so much! And of course when they say “Don’t eat spicy goods,” Yep you got it, I’m starving for Mexican! I can’t drink either because of the antibiotics I have to take, so bummer, no martinis! So I have to get creative with my choices especially if I want to keep it healthy. I can think of all kinds of foods that are soft that I like to eat, but most of them are deserts.

Yes, I had to stop and pick up a gallon of Blue Bell French Vanilla Ice Cream. What better excuse to get to indulge on something I like? Ice Cream is a food group isn’t it? For backup I have avocados, mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower, and the makings for lots of banana smoothies. No seeds, nothing that requires much chewing. Oh, and okay, I can let a chocolate kiss melt in my mouth, yummy, yes I’ve already tried that one, twice. 

Hell's Gate
Possum Kingdom Lake

I’m off for the week (it's Tuesday when I'm writing this) and hope to catch up on napping, relaxing and reading, maybe sneak in some writing. We may even go up to Possum Kingdom to spend a couple of nights and I’m truly looking forward to seeing the lake again. It has been a while. We’re going to rent a cabin and a pontoon boat and just hang out on the lake.  Sure hope the weather holds out.

What a perfect atmosphere for getting better, both physically and mentally.

Everyone have a great weekend and do something fun.

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