Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where Do All These Meanies Come From?

831838I know everyone has asked themselves that question at one time or another. I just received a couple of emails about that very topic. But again, why are some people so mean? They make every one around them miserable. Some people will say, well, they are unhappy so they like to make others as unhappy as they are.

857863But is that fair?

I don’t think so, how about you?

When someone makes me mad I do one of two things. I either give them the silent treatment, or I blast them with words. Both work about the same.

1271302I have a cube mate that I could stick her head in a file cabinet and slam the damn drawer shut. She is so annoying and snarky.

Okay, we know there are bitchy people, so what do we do to keep from being sent to jail without a chance for parole?

Now, I’ve had my share of arguments with friends and family. I have a mouth. But that’s different. Usually it’s over a misunderstanding or someone’s feelings were hurt. I love those people and no matter what, we’ll make it right.

1320744Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. I’ve had it bestowed on me, and I’ve given it. Use this tool often. It will save your friendships and keep you from eating alone on Thanksgivings Day.

Let’s get back to how do to deal with all those annoying people who just make us nuts. The roads are full of the most ridicules people in the world. Want to have a bad day? Pull out of your driveway.

First off, I’m a genuine happy person usually. It takes a lot to get me mad and I’d rather smile than frown. Better yet, I love, love, love, to laugh out loud as much as I can. I like people and I think that shows through most of the time.

I’m going to continue being a happy person because I have a secret life.

I’m a writer!1020206

Half the time I’m not even in this world. I’m off on some great adventure. My characters are coming up with snappy dialog, my plot is thickening and the heroine/hero are rushing towards the climax. And since I work on two stories at once, my brain goes a hundred miles a minute. Most of the time I refuse to let crazy things, or people in life mess with my writing.

I’m not saying it hasn’t, but my biggest goal is to let go of this nonsense and stay ingrained in my story. I do this by asking the following, will all this crap matter when I am a New York Times Best Seller?

Hell No, it won’t!

So, just keep writing those amazing stories, coming up with great characters and LIVING THE DREAM, BABY!!!

Write On

Geri Foster


  1. After a certain age, you resent expending any energy on mean or stupid people. I figure Karma or whatever will take care of them. You can turn them into the villains in your stories or just throw them off a train and no one can send you to jail. Smile at them and bless their little twisted hearts.

  2. Geri, is it any wonder we all love you? I do resent mean people and try to avoid them--they can sap the energy from you. In fact, my daughter calls them energy vampires or toxix people. Fortunately, I don't have a cube mate other than my two cats. LOL

  3. Love your post, Geri. Yep there are meanies all around us. That's when I put my headphones on and zone out on music or a audiobook! Good luck with that!