Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Dance

When I was a teenager, or even before then, I loved to dance. My dream was to become a Broadway dancer, you know, like in the musical Chicago. I truly thought that one day I’d do that, but then life puts us on different paths than the ones that are old stars in our eyes. Not bad forks in the road, just a shift in priorities or perhaps an even more exciting direction. I did take ballet lessons in my twenties, but ooh, that was not a pretty sight.

I still listen to music that makes me want to get up and move. I jiggle all the way to work listening to upbeat dance music. I have not been to a night club in eons but just might have to do that in the near future, just as research mind you—I have no intention of looking at the cute young hotties out there these days—or maybe I do! Hey, I ain’t dead yet, just married :-) For a long time. To a man who doesn’t like to dance anymore. I don’t think he was ever very crazy about dancing but he’d let me drag him out onto the dance floor after he’d had a few. He’s really a sweetheart.

Now I’m dancing for the exercise--in private. I turn on my favorite dance music and just make myself move as I do things around the house. I have let myself get way too out of shape, so now I have to work doubly hard to get the extra pounds off. So…I say just dance.

IPod Music
Move While You Walk

Here is a “short” list of some of my favorite current dance songs – I have so many that I decided to list just a few of the songs that are now playing on the radio: Check out the music videos on Youtube too, they are always lots of fun, quite creative and very interesting! And even if this is not the kind of music that you normally listen to, just give it a chance. Sink into an alternate personality and let that crazy wild WOMAN/MAN out of the closet!  I think you will be surprised at how it makes you want to move your mojo and it’s quite fun. You just might feel like a teenager again, I know dancing makes me feel younger, even if I have to do it with myself. Hmm, maybe I could hire a Gigolo to take me dancing. :-)

I have these on a playlist on my Ipod© and walk to the music too, and it helps me speed walk on my work breaks, kind of sort of a speed walk - working on that too! But here's a good list to get you moving whether it's walking or dancing! Enjoy. :-)
Happy Dancing
Wendy Treitel

Just Dance by Lady GaGa
On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez
Bow Chicka Wow Wow by Mike Posner
Grenade by Bruno Mars
The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
E.T. (feat. Kanye West) by Katy Perry
Higher by Taio Cruz
S&M by Rhianna
The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani/Akon
Animal by Neon Trees
Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner
Get This Party Started by Pink
Raise Your Glass by Pink
Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake
Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You) by Enrique Iglesias
Won’t Go Home Without You by Maroon 5
I Like It by Enrique Iglesias
Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
All The Right Moves by OneRepublic
Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Moon And It's Effect On Our Moods

Ever since I was a little girl, (and I’m not divulging how long ago that was so forget it!) I’ve had this fascination with the moon, like zillions of other people I’m sure. I swear, when I look up at it at night, I know I can see that “Man in the moon”. Today I was feeling a bit sluggish and I wondered if the moon could be the cause.

Admittedly, I’m hooked on my daily horoscope that I get on my IPhone©  every day and along with it comes my Tarot Card reading, so I decided to check my out for today and see how close it comes to how I actually feel. I’m always testing them :0)   Today’s said:

“You’re in a right sulk today, dear Wendy. The alliance of the Moon and the Tower is indicating some aggravation within the family or relationship. Instead of retreating into your shell with an ugly smirk, just say straight out what you want from your relationships, be they with a lover or family. There’s no worse enemy than silence when discontent sets in.”
Well, I guess my mood is because my twenty-seven year old son is moving out (he’s been out and back a few times, not unlike myself when I was young), but I am genuinely happy about his moving on up and out into the big bad world, again.

Anyway, my point is that the moon definitely affects our moods and it has now been proven that this is indeed fact. Below I have listed several website that have some great information about the moon and how it affects our moods.

The Moon and You
By Daniella Breen

Moon Phase Calendar for June, 2011 and other interesting info about the moon – I was especially interested in the Blue Moon as I had the opportunity to see the last one that occurred and even took a picture, although with my camera it just looked like a normal moon, but I know better. J I swear that’s not a fish story either.

The Spiritual effect of the moon on man:

Nice website: You will have to copy and past this website address into your browser to get it to work:

Ecogirl and Cosmoboy’s Blog

Happy Moon Mood to you all!
Wendy Treitel

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Joplin, MO

I would like all our readers to keep my hometown Joplin, Mo in their prayers. As many of you know, last Sunday Joplin was hit by an F5 tornado and 133 people were killed. Thousands of people have been displaced and have no where to live.

I’m very happy that all those in my family are alive, although several cousins lost every thing they owned. There have been many tales of people helping the survivors with every day needs and keeping them fed.

Mostly they need prayers.

We can all say every possession can be replaced, but that’s hard to convince a seventy year old man whose wife died of cancer two years ago. All he wants is a picture of the woman who held his hand for fifty year, now that’s gone forever.

There are a lot of heartaches and many trials ahead for the residents of Joplin, and I hope you will keep them in your hearts and prayers.

Thank you.
Write On!

Geri Foster