Monday, March 28, 2011

Hot Sand!

I have the biggest case of spring fever! I know that spring has arrived, so it’s not all that unusual; but all I can think about is escaping to a beach and playing in the hot sand.
I’m not one to “lay out and bake”; I just keep thinking I need to. I need to cleanse winter out of my system.
Work is crazy. My life is busy. I’ve committed myself to some new things this year and those projects have taken away some of my precious hours, but still there is this overwhelming urge to lay in sand warmed by the sun. I thought maybe it was the full moon, but no—even though I think of it as a gravitational pull. It hasn’t waned. I wake each morning yearning for hot sand and sun.
Because of previously mentioned projects there is no time to plan a getaway, much less take one. I’m looking at the calendar (no longer fresh and blank) and wondering how it got so full? It’s my handwriting so I know I made those plans. But when?
In what part of my brain did I think I could do everything and still have a life? Why did I forget to schedule some free time to take an unexpected trip? What was I thinking?
At dinner with my children the other night I mentioned my predicament. They looked at each other and in unison said, “Aren’t you the one who taught us to say, “No, thank you for the complement, but I must refuse the honor.” I guess they were listening some of the time, after all.
Even knowing I’ve stretched myself thin, I still have this dilemma. I need to feel hot sand underfoot! It grows stronger with each passing day. I look at the surrounding area and wonder; where’s the closest beach? When can I go?
So now I’m on a mission, how to get everything done and still satisfy this bone deep longing, to walk barefoot across a hot sandy beach.
Galveston anyone?
Life is good, enjoy!


  1. I posted the wrong post! So sorry for the repeat, but this is the real one. I guess that makes me human, huh? Ella

  2. I'm ready to go, Ella! I love the sand and ocean!