Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Fever

Spring is in the air….

Ready for Pretty Flowers!

I hear you coming most weather of fair,
I’m ready to shed my winter self if I dare,
But it’s easier when you get here, I really do care.
Come to me, come to me, I beckon your call,
I’m tired of cold weather, snow, ice, and it all,
I’m ready for colorful flowers that spring up pretty and tall.
You’re almost here, and with anticipation I wait,
It’s having to work, instead of play, that I hate.
The temps are on the rise,
Sunshine’s in your eyes,
Bees are a buzzin’,
Birds are a chirpin’,
Squirrels are a chompin’,
Barbecues are a smokin’!
Neighbors are coming out of winter seclusion,
Heading out into nice weather to adventurous excursions,
The Ice Cream Man's Jingle!
Or just opening their doors and windows and curtains.
The ice cream man’s jingle sounds in the cul-de-sac,
Children come running out like a stepped-on ant bed ready to attack,
Parents appear for an afternoon snack,
Brothers and sisters are quick with a wise crack.
Walkers and runners and bike-riders alike,
Gather around for a neighborhood hike,
Out for a Spring ride!
Trudging up the trail and down the trail, oops, watch out, there’s a bike!
Oh, and look, look over there, some cute kid’s flying a kite!
The dogs are happy and bouncing around,
Cats are having fun too, pouncing the hound,
Personally I’m happy when I get to dig in the ground,
And am joyful just thinking of pleasures I’ve found.
Happy Spring!