Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beware the apocalypse – the office supply one, that is

I have a problem.
I love office supplies. Post-It notes, pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, file folders accordion folders, brads, staples, mini staplers, rubber band balls, business card holders… well, you can see where this is going.

I think it’s a problem all writers have and most will own up to. However, I realized I’d gone overboard with this addiction just the other day. I was riffling through the stacks of wide-ruled paper (23 packages at last count) when I came across an odd package. It was light but colorful, a perfect little square tucked  into a bag. I tugged and several more fell out. Within moments, the floor was covered with a prismatic, plastic-encased plethora of book covers. Book covers. My kid hasn’t used those since the 8th grade. He’s a JUNIOR.
Why am I still holding on to those?

But it gets worse. Much, much worse. I decided to see just how bad my addiction was. Eek.  I really should have just left the lid on that particular Pandora’s box. Or the office supply box (which I have.) It’s really a Rubbermaid 30 gallon tote and it is filled to the absolute brim with the aforementioned office supplies. I have a particular weakness for journals. And nearly every one of the 72 (YES, 72!!) that are in there have some sort of meaning. I can remember where I got them or what kind of deal I made (seriously, WHO can resist spiral bound notebooks for 10 cents each? And buy only one? NEVER!)
A teeeeeeeeny tiny portion of my office supplies
Here, too, the spectrum of colors reign supreme. Pink, purple, blue, yellow, green, red, shiny, dull. You name it, I have a notebook of some sort in it.

This does not begin to cover the Post-It notes. At this moment, I have four packages of stickies that contain 12 pads in each pack. Unopened. The opened ones are like Ella’s cardboard boxes – they breed and breed and breed. Total pad count: 96.

Pens? Oh, my, I shouldn’t even go there. I get on a kick with them. I find a style that I like and I snap up a dozen or so. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Two weeks ago, Office Depot came out with an awesome pen. It writes sooooo well and it comes in all sorts of nifty colors including orange and purple. I bought 12 of them. Multiples of the pink, blue and purple, if you wondered.

I also have a couple of whiteboards, a Dymo labeler, three razor-blade letter openers, four different kinds of staple pullers, index cards in full and half sizes, markers, pencils and an electric stapler.

Just to name a few.

I should address this situation. I know it. I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it.
Maybe the next time there’s a back-to-school sale, I will refrain from buying anything because I know I have everything we need. <twitch, twitch, twitch> Okay, maybe not.

What about you? Got any secret stashes? Any kind of oddly multiplying things you can't resist?

Happy shopping!
Jennifer August


  1. First of all, the Dymo labeler is a MUST HAVE. It keeps life organized. I know because you gave ME a labeler, and I love it, and can't live without it. lol.

    Second, I do not have an office supply addiction. What? Do I still have some of those books covers in my closet? Well, yeah, but...only like 3 of them. My kid is now 19. What of it? Do I have a bunch of blank spiral notebooks that I also bought for .10 each on back-to-school sale? Yeah. But probably less than a dozen. What's your point?

    Hey, tools of the trade! (Okay, I confess, I've thinned out my office supply hoard. I'm trying to be better.)

    Does this mean I shouldn't send you the cool office supplies I bought for you?'s really kind of neat. :-)

  2. ROTFL!! I also LOVE office supplies. In fact, when I was little, if we were at the store and we could buy a 'prize', my brother would always buy a toy but I headed to the offices supply aisle.

  3. Hah! I don't dare gather up all of my stuff to see how is there. But I think you probably win. I've actually been trying to use what I already have before buying anymore, but I'm like you Jen, I have an obsession with office supplies. Wonder why we're like that? The writer in us I suppose. Great Post.