Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday was a day of reminiscing.
People and events I hadn’t thought about in years—YEARS—kept popping into my mind. From childhood memories of cleaning off a corner lot so we could play sandlot baseball (hey the boys came to us) to college silliness and other things. Some memories were funny, reminding me of good times and good friends.
Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out why or what the trip down memory lane was about. What had triggered it? What was I supposed to glean from the flood of long forgotten memories?
Some brought tears to my eyes. Others simply reminded me how blessed I am.
My years are rich with memories of people who’ve touched my life, enriched it, changed or altered my path. Good times, bad times, sad times, my life in snippets of colorful clips.
As the previews played on the screen of my mind I saw the teacher who encouraged me to write my stories down. A friend’s mother showing me that you don’t have to birth a child to love it. The first time a friend betrayed me. The first time I fell in love. The joy and sorrows of a life fully lived. There were memories of grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, in-laws, children, nieces and nephews.
The emotional footprints of my life gave me pause for thought. I’ve learned so much from the people who populate my past. I continue to learn from those who grace my life today; our smiles, our tears, our attitudes.
I’m still not sure why all those memories chose to tumble across my brain, maybe it’s the full moon or maybe something that needs to be reinforced or relearned, but I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.
Life is good! Enjoy!


  1. Great post, Ella! It can be both exhilarating and poignant to take that trip down memory lane. Sometimes it's a good surprise and sometimes it makes me pause and wish...

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. Life is good.

  3. Nice post, Ella. I love nostalgic times, even, or maybe especially, when they bring tears to my eyes. Memories are wonderful! Life is definitely good.