Monday, February 28, 2011

Where Do They Come From?

What is it with cardboard boxes? Do they breed? Do they call up their friends and invite them over? I mean where do all these things come from?
I did a little (A VERY LITTLE) cleaning and rearranging today and every time I turned around I was tripping over a cardboard box! Very small, small, medium, larger and extra large, they came in all sizes.
I’d flatten one and put it in the recycle bin, turn around and there would be two more! Where are they coming from? Is it a conspiracy? Is my house the only one affected?
Now I know I brought some of them home, I mean I’ve been shopping at the warehouse place, and some of them came with merchandise carefully packed in them, but seriously I think there is a problem.
How can one garage hold so many cardboard boxes?
Is there a limit to how many cardboard boxes I can put in the recycling? Will they pick them up?
I guess the real question is; will more appear before the garbage truck comes?


  1. Funny, Ella. Yep. I think they breed when you arent' looking. I'm working on the same problem.

  2. You know...I think the same guy who steals one sock out of every laundry load is also bringing you those boxes! We need to find that guy.