Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Happy Valentine’s Day Gift

1336757I hope all of you have the best Valentine’s Day ever. I hope it was romantic and you enjoyed some time with your special somebody. I hope the chocolate flowed and the flowers cheered you up, and made you go, ah. And the cards! Oh, I love those Hallmark moments. But if that didn’t happen to you, you are not alone, my friend.

Let’s talk about presents, shall we. I love flowers, chocolate, lingerie, and jewelry. I would have been happy with any of those gifts in any quantity. My husband on the other hand, loves guns. So guess what I got for Valentine’s Day? You betcha! I got a gun. A .32 Caliber Magnum. Now isn’t that sweet?


I don’t know what my husband was thinking. And the gift was unnecessary. I’d already bought me a nice pair of shoes from Norstroms, and he bought me an Iphone Saturday night. We had a lovely dinner with friends, and I was perfectly content with the beautiful card I woke up to on Monday.

Obviously, my husband had other p1146529lans. He felt this great compulsion to go to the gun show and buy me, of all people, a weapon. Those who know me, are probably having a very difficult time envisioning me ‘packin’. If you’re smart, it should scare the living hell out of you. I am not a normal person by any stretch of the imagination. I even scare me.

I have no idea what to do with this gun. I’ve never fired a weapon in my life. I grew up around guns because my dad and my brothers were avid hunters. However, shooting never interested me at anytime. Maybe I was afraid I’d kill someone. Trust me, I’ve wanted to do that before. But really, at my age???, to be given a gun?
It’s absurd.

Not only do I have a gun, my hubby insists I learn to shoot the damn thing. Now, this Saturday we are going to the shooting range and I get to fire the first bullet from my brand new gun.

Stay low to the ground, my friends.
1208355Last night I got out my Bedazzler, and found my hot glue gun. I’m thinking a pair of pink handle grips, a little glitter and a few rhinestones and I should be good.

So, that’s my crazy Valentine’s Day gift. What about you? Have you ever been given a gift you didn’t want? How about something so out of the blue, it makes you wonder what the giver was thinking. If so, leave a comment. We’ll see who has the craziest gift of all.

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Geri Foster


  1. ROFLMAO - Geri, I must admit you're right - I thought Geri and a gun?! Holy crap!!! But, hey, you can use this for research purposes! Now you'll know exactly what it feels like and the pressure it takes to shoot the gun and what it sounds like ... lol Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. nuh-uh... OMG!

    I got a card--which is HUGE since two (or maybe three, I have blocked it all out) years ago, the hubby decide Valentine's was bunk and he'd have no part in it. (my hubby knows better than to arm me--he'd be first in my sights!)

  3. Terrific post, and I promise I will NEVER make you angry. LOL

  4. ROTFL!!!! Love this! Just make sure when the phone rings you put the iPhone up to your ear!!

  5. ROFL, Geri. OMG, I rarely see you and yet I know not to buy you a weapon. What was your husband thinking? Oh, yeah, he loves you. Men truly think different than women when it come to how to show their love. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Happy Valentines Day world. Here comes GI Geri.