Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are You Really A Writer?

How often do we ask ourselves that question? And what does it mean? I’ve paid my dues to RWA for over ten years, and I’ve belonged to two local chapters that long as well. So, surely I can consider myself a writer. I tell people I’m a writer.
Am I lying?
I just finished reading an interview with New York Times Best Selling author, Harlan Coben, about writing. His comments really hit home. He said, Writers Write! We’ve all heard that before, right? He went on to say, ‘and if you are not writing, then you are not a writer.’
If that’s the case, I haven’t seriously written in years. Oh, I’ve played around at writing. I’ve even taken classes, attended workshops, gone to conferences and been in critique groups. But I’ve never really put my writing first. I’ve never made it a priority in my life. I simply write when the mood hits, or I have nothing else going on.
That ended January 1, 2011!
I made a New Year’s resolution to write every single day, no matter what. And I’ve stuck to that promise. And I’ve seen great progress. I know, it’s only been 31 days, but a lot has changed.
First, I will never put my writing ahead of my family. I love them way too much for that. I live for Friday nights when I get the grandkids. That is not going to change. My friends mean the world to me, and I will always strive to be the kind of friend they need. My friends are my lifeline to the world. I can’t live without them. I’ll take care of my health, my sanity and the people I care about.
 Everything else in my world is up for grabs! I can live without my job, thank God, I no longer need a spotless house with the toilets sparkling. A quick wipe here and there is enough. Laundry, well, when I get desperate, I buy more clothes. TV. I love watching TV, but now I record everything and watch my favorite shows at my convenience, and without those annoying commercials.
I can’t tell you how unimportant the yard is, window shopping, cleaning the car, or cleaning closets are to me lately. I once considered cleaning therapy. Now writing is. It makes my soul smile.
So, while those I love and care about won’t notice anything different, I have. I’m happier when I write. I love the idea that I can create something that just might touch someone’s heart.
Finally, in just one short month, I feel like I am a writer.
Let’s see what next month brings.
Write on
Geri Foster


  1. Ouch is write, Geri! I also have let too many things get in my way of writing. With being iced in yesterday and today and making writing a priority, I have been so much happier and it feels so much more fulfilling than cleaning closets. And that was only one day. I can imagine how happy you are 31 days into it.

    Great post!

  2. Point very well made, Geri! Congratulations on sticking to your goals. I have no doubt success is soon to be yours!

  3. Geri, you are a terrific writer! You're just not a submitter. LOL You've vowed to change that, though, and I applaud you. NEVER say you are not a writer. We all know different.

  4. I've decided I can live with a dirty house and no one will die if it doesn't get clean. That's my new motto. :)

  5. I get ugly when I don't write—I mean, I pick fights w/ the hubby and am grumpier than usual--I need a vent for drama and when I don't write, it comes out elsewhere!

    I didn't write goals per se that relate to amount(s) of writng, but I have written every single day, too—even if it's a couple of words to keep the momentum alive!

  6. You hit the nail on the head, Geri! Great post. You write a great story, you give everything you have to those you love, I'm glad you're taking time for yourself.

  7. Great post, Geri! You are doing awesome and I have no doubt you'll be a big success!

  8. Good thoughts. Glad you are on a roll!