Monday, January 31, 2011

End of the Month!

Can you believe it’s the end of the month? It seems like only a few days ago that I was writing my Happy New Year post and I had that brand new calendar with all the blank space.
My January calendar is written all over! Work schedules, writing schedules, play dates with grandchildren, meetings, Writing Game numbers, actual numbers written, goals, appointments, exercise routines and classes-a lot of living happened this month.
My goal for January was to write at least 250 words every day. I didn’t make it; those vertigo days when I could barely think much less sit and type are clearly marked.
But those days when I made it; those numbers are written in a pretty pink ink! I love what those little numbers signify.
Success! Goals accomplished! Achievement!
Those little pink numbers make me smile; I want to see more and bigger numbers written in pink for February.
Writing at least 250 words a day in February-it’s a good goal, but I want more.

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  1. Wow, I know, Ella, I can't believe it's February already! Go for it, girl, you'll make it!