Monday, January 24, 2011


Blessings are the good things that happen to us.
Sometimes we get unexpected blessings. Sometimes they come from friends, or maybe complete strangers. They come in different shapes and sizes, spoken and unspoken. Some are solid, like our grandchildren who make us laugh and cry and remember what it’s like to be young.
Some are as transparent as the air we breathe. Some come to us on angels’ wings.
The last few weeks I’ve struggled with a nasty little condition called vertigo. There were a few days when crawling was easier than walking, less spinning-twisting-looping and not so far to go if I fell. Then came the days when I could walk and talk as long as I did it very carefully, no fast movements for this chick; but occasionally that sick-dizzy-room-twisting feeling that could stop me in my tracks.
Then the first quiet whispers, “I’m praying that God will heal this vertigo.” “I put your name on the prayer list at my church.” An email from a total stranger, “I am praying for you.” I can’t even start to tell you how humbling it is to know that your name is on a prayer list in so many churches; that someone would take the time to light a candle for me. Words fail me.
My life is full of blessings.
I am blessed by the beauty of sunrises and sunsets; by birds that sing and butterflies gracefully flitting through my path. I am blessed to live in this country and this state. I am blessed…the list is endless.
I am blessed by the three ladies whose names grace this blog-friends and writing partners who have cajoled, encouraged, pulled, pushed, threatened, and critiqued numerous pages of manuscripts. I can’t imagine this journey without them. Again, words fail me.
Today is my best day yet. I still move funny and slow, but I believe, like George Bailey, that this is indeed a wonderful life. I am blessed by family and friends who love me and by complete strangers who pray for me.
Blessings to you and yours,


  1. Oh, Ella,
    I am so sorry about your vertigo! I had no idea it was that bad. You are right, though, concetrating on the blessings and not the bad times/things is best and most rewarding. You now have my prayers as well. May you be blessed with more good wishes and tender hugs.

  2. Ella, my husband has this condition continually and it has devastated his life. Hope yours is temporary and on the way out.

  3. I LOVE your post, Ella. I'm thanking God for my blessings right now.

  4. Ella, I'm so sorry you're suffering this disorienting condition. You're positive attitude and grace in the face of this challenge is commendable. Our prayers are with you as we hope you'll fully recover soon.

    Lovely and inspiring post.

  5. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Ella