Saturday, February 19, 2011

A year in the life

Party like it's your birthday!

Today is my birthday, though if you ask my family and friends, they’ll tell you I actually celebrate all month long. It seems each day in February brings a note, an email, a phone call, an invitation to lunch – all with the special point of noting my birthday. I love it! It might come as a surprise to you (but probably not) that I am also supremely spoiled. My mom calls it being loved and believe me, I am very, very loved.

Growing up, my mom, dad and brother always took great pains to make my birthday special. I have so many wonderful memories, so many special cakes and gifts.  Although, I would like to point out that my brother, my OLDER brother, used to tease me mercilessly about my birthday being in February. All real members of our family, he would say, were born in October. Which is true. I was the only one born in February. When I was younger, it broke my heart. He also told me I was adopted and they traded (insert vegetation here) with Gypsies for me. My mom’s response? You were wanted.
I personally think they got the better end of the deal!

At some point, though, I realized being the only one born in February made me unique. Ha! Take that, older brother. Pfffft. This is probably when I started claiming the entire month of February as my birth month. I like that logic, at any rate.

Last year was a milestone birthday for me. I turned 40! I had a huge dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant and invited tons of friends and my family. We had a blast. I had tons of chips and salsa, a very large margarita and laughs out the whazoo. Then, the next day I took the first step on a rather surprising and alarming health journey. I like to say that my warranty expired. I have since purchased the extended warranty and all is well again. But the experience made me stop and reflect just how incredibly blessed I’ve been. I am.

So, today as I turn 41, it is with a thankful, loving heart.

Thank you to my family and friends for a year of support, care and concern. It might be my birthday month, but all of you are in my thoughts every day.

Jennifer August


  1. Happy birthday, sweetie. You were (and still are) our special gift from Heaven. You've brought us love, joy and laughter since the day you were born. Please keep up the good work for many years to come. I love you!!

  2. Well, I'm just glad it all worked out in the end. Now you have a NEW warranty on your body. LOL.

    And yes, you're a princess. But...we love you anyway.

    Happy, happy birthday, my friend.

  3. Please, ask your Mom for traduct...
    J'ai bien compris, ton superbe article, et l'humour qui va avec.
    Mais je ne peux répondre dans cette langue qui est la votre, mon fils le pourrait, mais il est avec sa chérie, et a autre chose à faire !
    Il est certain que tu as toujours été aimée, ta maman est formidable, et j'espère la rencontrer un jour...
    Vous êtes une superbe famille, unie et solidaire, j'adore !
    Jen, je renouvelle mes voeux d'anniversaire, ainsi que Martine et mon fils loïc !

  4. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I'm with you on celebrating birthday month, we do that too!! You are blessed and we are blessed to have you in our lives! Have a very special day!

  5. Thanks Mom, I'm so happy to be a part of your life!
    FLB, merci! C'est tres gentille. J'ai lu votre message pour la plupart par moi-même. Je suis d'accord, ma famille est impressionnant.
    Thank you, Wendy! Having your girls is one of the best parts of being me!

  6. Happy Birthday! My two boys were born in February right around Valentine's Day so I understand what you mean. You never know when a blizzard will ruin your party, and your presents are put next to heart shaped candy! but I'd never change it because they are my heart - nice post.

  7. I like that-new warranty, make sure you do the tuneups and the yearly's! Happy Birthday Month! Hey, I got you a new purse! Can't wait to give it to you.