Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Week - Simple things that mean a lot.

Happy Valentine's Week!

We don’t do a lot of gift buying or big time celebrating for Valentine’s Day. I think it started when we were so broke we couldn’t afford to get each other gifts. That hasn't changed much, but we do small things for each other throughout the day. My husband was first to say Happy Valentine’s Day, give me a kiss and a hug, and tell me he loves me. He told me several times before I left for work and then when I got home from work. How sweet is that after thirty years of marriage? In fact the way he still calls me "Baby" makes my heart skip a beat. We clinked a couple of glasses of wine and then ordered Chinese to be delivered. Not having to cook is a big gift too.

Come to think about it, he does many simple things like that for me. On some mornings he brings me coffee in bed. Some mornings, I get coffee for him, but mostly we take turns. He goes out early in the morning in the winter time and warms up my car for me. He used to travel all over Texas and once he surprised me and brought me a signed and numbered painting from a woman who bought his insurance. And then there was the time that he stopped alongside the road and picked wild flowers for me. Except for the bugs, I loved this one and the flowers were beautiful. Once, when I used to collect angels, he brought me a cute little angel figurine, and although I still need to paint it, it's as cute as it can be! Occasionally still, he’ll bring me chocolates, you know the ones that look like mini-candy bars. Hey, at least he didn't buy me a gun :-) 
Yummy, chocolates!

No special occasion, just out of the blue. I think these mean the most to me, because they are a “just because” thoughtful gift.  

And even though some of these events took place with long time lapses in between, I appreciate that he still thinks about me. Of course, now that he no longer travels, the small “gifts” he finds for me come from the grocery or drug store. But hey, he’s still thinking about me, right?!

It's the simple things in life that mean a lot!

Enjoy the simple things in life!

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