Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Action Is Required

Today’s the last day to file you income tax, if you haven’t done filed some action is required today.
I used to wait until the last minute to file mine, back in the day when we mailed them; I happily joined the line of late night filers driving past the post office. The reason is so silly, you see by waiting to file late I got the refund check back around my birthday, yep-money, money, money for my birthday!
But it’s the last part of the sentence that got my attention; some action is required, today.
Isn’t it like that every day? Some action is required of us every day.
We eat, we sleep, we work, we shop…endless lists of action needed and there are lists from those lists.
I lost my calendar two weeks ago, yep all those lists of things to do-gone. I was lost. I missed several appointments, lost schedules and my lists of things to do.
I put everything in the calendar: mileage, notes on current projects, words written, challenges, achievements, quotes, reminders and lists. I really use my calendar; it’s my life. Or maybe a more accurate statement is I write my life on those pages. It’s a tool I use.
It allows me to take action, every day.
Life is good.


  1. Yep, I know how you are with your schedules, Ella. Maybe you could use your phone calendar! Hope you find it! Lots of luck.

  2. I had to refile mine today. Bummer! Thought I was through with all that. Forgot to sign one piece of paper. So yes, some action was required today. I sent my husband to the Post Office. :)

    Great Post, Ella

  3. I love my calendar. It's my lifeline! And one action I do every day is choose to be happy. I wake up with a smile on my face and ready to face the world. Now, I might get hit in the head with a rotten tomato, but I try to always start my day with an attitude of happiness.