Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Sock Monster

Do you have a sock monster hiding in your dryer? Am I the only one? I love socks. I have a jillion (yes, a jillion) pairs of socks. I love funky ones, colorful ones, thin, think, athletic, low, high, tube, fuzzy, sheer, any of ‘em! Problem is, seems every time I do laundry, I lose a sock. I’ve tried pinning, tying them together, sticking one inside the other (yeah, it’ll keep them together but one doesn’t get clean), putting them in a bag.
Doesn’t matter.
That darn sock monster manages to rear its head and swipe my darn socks. Butthead.

Can you say adorable?!
As I was getting ready and packing for my conference this weekend, I thought what better place to wear my new heart socks than a romance writer’s conference? Yes, it was a flash of genius, I agree.

However, when I started to look in my sock drawer, they weren’t there. Nor were they in the hamper. *sigh* This means they are in the ginormous “missing sock” basket. Or at least, one of them is. Sure enough, I found one sock and not the other. I have torn up the house looking for it. Now, it’s not a matter of genius, but desperation. Suddenly, I MUST find that sock. My entire future with Avon Books depends upon me wearing that sock, don’t you see? *sob*

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Okay, a chocolate martini later and I don’t care about the damned sock. I’ve decided I’m going to paint my toenails a shade from O.P.I. called Keys to My Karma, wear a killer pair of heels (while hoping the editor is a shoe fanatic) and wow ‘em with the intriguing pitch I’ve worked up. Here’s a hint: It’s got ghosts, murder, hot romance and all manner of Victorian drama. I’m super-excited about it.

When I get back, though, that sock monster and I are gonna have a talk. This is unacceptable!  Although … it does mean I get to go sock shopping again, so I don’t suppose it’s all bad!

Happy Reading,
Jennifer August

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  1. It was a great weekend, Jen! Here's to all the socks in the world. :)