Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Interrupted...

This past weekend Dallas Area Romance Authors presented Dreaming in Dallas. a regional conference. The workshops were great, the speakers inspiring, but the best part was reconnecting. It always is the best part.
Seeing friends and fellow writers is always a treat.
The energy levels start with excitement of the book signing on Friday night. It fairly buzzed through the workshops and in the halls on Saturday. People sharing a dream, the same hopes and aspirations walked the halls, sat in the bars and chatted over drinks.
It was an awesome weekend.
Life is good.


  1. It was a wonderful conference, Ella! So glad I got to come and hang around with such wonderful, inspiring people.
    My conference buzz still seems to be in full effect, which is totally awesome (to quote the 80s).

  2. I was a great weekend and we all got requests! Those who picthed anyway. I've been in the writing cave for 24 hours. My brain is fried. But, that's a good thing.


  3. I had a great time and picked up lots of tidbits of info I can definitely use!