Saturday, April 30, 2011

Informercial anyone?

When my son was small, let's say between 3 and 10, he was an absolute maniac for infomercials. He got hooked on them while watching daytime tv with his grandfather. I would come home from work and hear something like "Mom, did you know that metal spring mattresses are not good to sleep on because the springs hit your pressure points, which makes you achy in the mornings?" or "It's the easiest cooking machine you'll ever need, Mom. It can cook, steam, boil, fry, practically anything you need. And if you call in the next seven minutes, they'll deduct one entire payment." etc., etc., etc. It was actually pretty funny although it did warp him on the whole bed thing. To this day (he's 17) he refuses to sleep on a spring mattress. Good grief.

But, I will say I, too, am a sucker for as seen on TV stuff. I love that my local drug store has an entire section devoted to that. I have purchased a few things like the Ped Egg (mom loves it), the Topsy-Turvy planter (did not work out so well for us) and the XPress 101 (Love it!). Some things crack me up like the Shake-Weight. Seriously, did no one ever stop and just WATCH that thing in action? How could you get through demonstrating that without laughing your ass off?

Some things are a huge surprise. The SodaStream is one. We are a huge soda family. As in, I should probably buy stock in Coca-Cola or Dr Pepper. I had the opportunity last weekend to test out the SodaStream in a real-life setting and holy smokes it rocks. Even if you take out the flavorings, the actual carbonating of tap water (TAP WATER!) is incredible. Add a little lemon extract and you've got a nice substitution for Perrier. But it also has lots of other flavors. We tried four and they were all awesome. I'm seriously leaning toward getting one.

I watch the infomercials half for the entertainment value, half for the what were they thinking value. But sometimes, I find a real gem.
How about you? Any "but wait, there's more!" moments you couldn't resist?

Happy Reading,
Jennifer August


  1. Fun post, Jen. Between Mike and I, you woulnd't believe how many of these things we've purchased. Some good some not so good. The Salad Chef salad chopper has been a good one :)

  2. LOL. Hmmmm...I happen to own a Flip N Fold, given to me for Christmas one year by...a person hooked on infomercials. LOL. And I love that thing.

    The shears that cut through plastic packaging are also a fabulous As-Seen-On-TV product. (Hey, that was given to me by the same person. LOL.)