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Dreaming In Color with Morgan Fox

Today at 4writers, for readers, we are delighted to have debut author Morgan Fox. Morgan's super-hot werewolf menage - yes! you read that right! - will be released on Tuesday, April 26 from Siren Publishing. There is a link below, so be sure you bookmark it and support this rising star!
Welcome, Morgan and thank you for being with us today!

I feel lucky enough to dream in color and that my mind doesn't walk normal avenues.  I can watch everyday stuff on television or gaze at it through the windows of my house, but the world of the paranormal is so much more fun and exciting.   I simply can't resist the temptation that thrives inside me to create a place where amazing things can happen-paranormal things.  I love the men that live inside this world, or at least the ones that live inside my head.  These incredible, supernatural men are tough as nails, but are missing a vital piece to themselves...the love and touch of a woman, and that woman learns she needs him as much as he need her.  
I've written about vampires, demons, angels, immortal warriors, even dragons, but never werewolves and it wasn't until I had lunch with Shayla Black and discussed writing paranormal erotica romance that I ever considered doing so.  On my way home that sunny day, I envisioned the entire story and the power the werewolves had and how incredible a romance could be between two hulky werewolves and a woman destined to love them.  The story practically exploded in my head and within two weeks Seduced by the Moon was written and a week following that I had a contract with Siren Publishing.  Pretty amazing. 
My stories are often dreams I've had.  Truthfully, when I'm sitting at a doctors office, stuck in traffic, or cutting the grass, I'm coming up with new stories and the dialogue between characters is whirling through my head like I'm right there watching it unfold.  One thing I've been blessed with is an awesome imagination.  My husbands tells me that I chase butterflies all the time and he's right, except it's not butterflies I'm chasing - its hulky supernatural men. 
If I'm going to write erotica romance I'm going to go for the gold and write it as steamy as I can get it.  I don't blush easily, so telling the detailed, explicit story just comes natural.  I see it as it unfolds and I try to share that with my readers, so if hot, steamy sex is what the readers are looking for I can deliver.
--Morgan Fox 

Author Bio: Morgan Fox currently resides in Texas and has been writing paranormal romance for as long as she can remember.  As a teenager she wrote dozens of short stories about love, loss, danger and of course the seductive paranormal bad boy.  A graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas, she was raised in Florida but navigated to Texas as quickly as she could.  Most days, you can find Morgan on her computer diving headlong into her fierce imagination where anything can happen. When not writing, or thinking about writing, she enjoys cycling with her husband and reading all kinds of romance novels.  Finding time for all things she loves can be challenging, but with a supportive husband all things are possible. 

 Was it possible for a heart to explode out of a man’s chest?  Because that’s exactly how Sebastian felt being so close to Brie. Not being able to touch her was making him insane. The sexual tension blazing between them was so thick he could taste it. He knew she felt it, too, and had since they’d fucked in her bathroom, exchanging secret glances every chance they got, brushing up against each other with every opportunity. 
The memory of touching her had his fingers tightening around the steering wheel. The need to hold her in his arms, press his lips to hers, taste her succulent body, everything he wanted to do to her was driving him wild. 
Biting the inside of his of his mouth, he imagined what it would be like to take his time savoring her body. He didn’t want to just fuck her pussy and mindlessly ravage her body. He wanted to love her, sample every inch of her flesh until she was writhing in his arms from unbelievable bouts of passion. Passion he brought out in her. 
The heat of her stare was like fire blazing over the sensitive flesh of his body. The desire in her eyes awakened his soul. She stole the breath from his lungs and revved his blood. 
He heard her shift and glanced up into the rearview mirror to look at her, sitting in the backseat of his dually pickup truck, arms folded over her chest. Brie’s soothing voice pulled him out of his sexual thoughts and back into reality—a reality that reminded him that he was sitting next to his brother, racing down Interstate 20, running and  hiding from a serial killer.
Brie released a heavy sigh, then asked, “Are you sure we need to do this?”
“Yes!” Sebastian and Jonah replied in unison.
Brie blew out an exhausted sigh. Her eyes roaming over the tan leather interior. “I didn’t know you owned a pickup truck. I pictured you as more of a Mercedes kind of guy.” Her eyes darted to the back of Sebastian’s head.
“I have one of those, too,” he said with a deep husk in his voice. He glanced at her from the rearview mirror, holding her gaze, then he quickly looked away before the desire he felt for her rushed to his cock. Driving with a hard-on was a real bitch. “To be clear, there are a lot of things you don’t know about me.”
Like what the moon does to me, or how just being near you drives me wild, makes me want to ravage your body in ways you only dreamed...ways I only dreamed.
She rolled her eyes at him. “So tell me again, where are we going exactly? And how long will we be there?”
“We’re taking you to our ranch in east Texas. We have well over three thousand acres of land. Total seclusion. It’s the perfect place to keep out of sight while the Fed’s track down dear old Mason Levi.” He glanced back at the mirror again to see her huff out another breath, her patience thinning. He grinned. “Don’t worry, little lady, we’ll be there shortly.” Her eyes moved to meet his once again. He couldn’t help but feel his heart pound harder and harder in his chest as his eyes swept over her sweet, heart-shaped face.
Damn, did she not know how beautiful she was?
“And what if they never find him?”
“They will,” Jonah said without hesitation. “But if they don’t, you’ll have no choice but to live with us at the ranch...forever.”
“Forever,” she balked. “Are you out of your ever loving mind?”
Jonah cocked his head, his playboy grin gleaming across his face. “Some might say that, but honestly, you won’t have to worry about that because Mason Levi will be caught.”
“How can you be so sure?”
Jonah glanced over at his brother. They exchanged an understanding glance. With a nod, Sebastian said, “Because no other option is acceptable, Brie.” His eyes sought out her reflection in the mirror. “We will not have you living in fear for the rest of your life. Jonah and I will see that this nightmare ends for you no matter what it takes, but in the mean-time we’re all going to make the best out of this situation. Consider this a well-earned vacation.”
“Right, a vacation.” She snickered. “Something I have no experience with. What exactly does someone do on a vacation?”
Eyebrows raised, he glanced over his shoulder. Jonah said, “I can think of a lot of things we can do.” His dusty brown brow danced up and down.
The heat of embarrassment reddened Brie’s cheeks. Sebastian glared over at his brother, wanting to smack the back of his head. He’d have to wait till later to scold Jonah for his sexual innuendoes. Of course, if Brie didn’t appreciate that side of Jonah, she never let on to it.
“There are tons of things to do. We have private lakes for swimming and boating, hiking and biking trails, horses and livestock to tend to, and a house big enough that should you want to escape for privacy, nothing would stop you.” He smiled at her. “Trust me when I say there are plenty of things to do and tons of places to explore. You’ll have a great time.”
And maybe you’ll even have a helluva time as I fuck you senseless in my bed, on the couch, or in the woods…
He only hoped.

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  1. Great post, Morgan. I too find the paranormal world wonderfully mysterious and inviting! Good luck with you book! Thanks for sharing with us!