Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I want to take a moment to thank the very brave and courageous men who brought down one of the most dangerous men in the world. You guys Rock!!!

I cannot in a single post give our military personnel credit for keeping our country safe. Yes, it’s their job, but they risk their lives to do it. Not many people are willing to do that.

They leave their wives, kids, parents and siblings behind and head off to foreign countries so that we in America never see or feel the terrors of war except on TV. Many give all. I am both grateful and sorry for the parents who sacrifice a child for the sake of freedom. It plays into that saying that freedom isn’t free.

So, that’s why I write about these brave men. They are the characters in my books because I admire and respect everything they do. They are real, live, breathing Heroes. I can’t say that to all of them, but I can put them in the books I write.

That decision was made several years ago for me. I was at the DFW airport waiting for a plane to Seattle. I noticed a man dressed in a military uniform on crutches, his right leg missing. He leaned heavily against the wall, obviously resting before continuing on to his gate. There was another person watching him as I was, and I’m sure, like me, he didn’t know how to help this young, wounded solider.

Out of nowhere an airport shuttle cart come wheeling down the corridor with a young couple in their forties and what appeared to be their teenage daughter. While I simply watched, the medium height, gray haired man acted. He stepped in front of the cart and held out his hand. The cart stopped abruptly. In a very calm voice my fellow passenger asked if the driver might have room for the wounded military man.

The driver didn't have the chance to speak as the guy along for the ride told the man in front to the cart to get the hell out of the way. They were late for their flight.

Medium height, gray haired and handsome snapped straight and told the man to get out of the cart now. The man and his family got out reluctantly, and older man helped the soldier to the cart, and sent them on their way.

The medium height, gray haired, handsome guy went absolutely ballistic on the younger man, his wife and child. He told him that soldier had paid for, and earned the right to be in front of him and everyone in this airport. He embarrassed the man so badly the guy couldn’t even look him in the eye.

Then security showed up and by now the cart was back to pick up the family,the soldier safely at his gate. When security heard what had happened I expected our hero to be tossed out of the airport. Instead the security guy stepped over to the driver and told him to never, ever pass a wounded soldier without offering him a ride.

When medium height, gray haired and handsome came back to the boarding gate, he was greeted by a round of applause and a standing ovation. Everyone within hearing was clapping. When we all boarded the plane, the captain announced he was buying the hero a drink.

His name is Laurence C. Foster, United States Navy. While it’s been a long time since he wore the uniform of a Naval Officer, I’m still proud to be married to that guy who had the courage to stand up and make a difference.

It all ended well, but it taught me a valuable lesson. We can’t all be on the front lines. I’m not equipped to go into combat, and I’d make a piss poor soldier. But I’ll stand up for them until the day I die, because many have died for me.

Thank you United States Military Personnel

Remember: "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
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Geri Foster


  1. Okay, make me cry before going to work, huh? I'm so proud of our soldiers, I'm so proud of your husband. Thank you!

  2. Go Laurence! At least the airport supervisors supported him, too.

  3. A really good post, Geri, thanks. And, as a military brat and the daughter of a man who spent his life protecting our freedoms, even the freedom of those who spat on him as he returned from Viet Nam, I am very grateful to our military personnel. I sleep better at night knowing they are sleeping with one eye open.

  4. Awesome post, Geri. I had to get the Kleenex on that one. I am so proud of Laurence! What a wonderful story and tribute to our military men and women! I too come from and married into a military family and am so grateful for all of our military personnel and everything they do!