Wednesday, May 11, 2011


When I can’t write, I’m not a happy person. I get really grouchy and blame anyone in listening distance. Usually, it’s my husband, critique partners, plotting gals and accountability group. I know they want me to shut up, but so far, they haven’t said that. But I know its coming.

This last weekend was a perfect example of how hectic life can get. I worked twenty four hours of overtime. All on the weekend, and it was Mother’s Day. My work ended about 12:30 on Sunday.

I went home and watched the final chapter of Fringe. Can Peter really never have existed? If so, how did he get the bad Olivia pregnant? Now did the good Olivia fall in love with him? I can’t wait until next season. That’s my favorite show.

Afterwards my son and daughter came over and we had a light lunch, which I fixed. They no sooner left then my two step sons came in to wish me Happy Mother’s Day. Everyone was gone at 5:30 but I still had to go grocery shopping, do five loads of laundry and get ready for work.

I didn’t type a single word.

But I did work on my book. I found a little app on my iphone called Voice Memo. I talked into that phone so long I think people thought I was nuts, but I got a lot of information down I needed for my story. Today I played it back and ended up with five pages of notes. Some I need now, some for my synopsis and some for other scenes in the book.

The important thing is I keep my story in the front of my brain and that’s what important. It helped me figure out a few plot problems and I played ‘what if’ a lot. It as fun, easy and I’m glad I did it.

I now have a new tool to put in my writing toolbox.

Write On!

Geri Foster

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  1. Great idea on the voice memo feature, Geri. I'll use that one for sure. And you're right, you kept writing on your mind. There are just going to be some occasions when it's nearly impossible to sit down at your computer and write. You are doing an awesome job right now!