Saturday, May 28, 2011

My strangest peccadillo

Okay, I have some quirks. A LOT of quirks but all-in-all I think I’m pretty normal.

I do, however, have one odd quirk and I’m sure it drives the people around me nuts, though they humor me a lot.

I change my sheets every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If I don’t, if I try to sleep on the sheets I slept on the night before, I inevitably wake up at one or two in the morning, itching like crazy, having tossed and turned in the hours beforehand and change it anyway. So, I always change the bed.

I can even tell when in a hotel, if the sheets have not been changed. I’m sorry environment, but my peace of mind is more important to me. Once, when Ella and I were at a conference in Houston, I put the “please change my sheets” card on the bed. That night, as I’m getting into the freshly made bed, I touched the sheets and found they’d not been changed. Yes, I can tell simply by feel. I was not a happy camper and let the hotel know about it.

It was too late to have them changed and I spent a restless, uncomfortable night, even though the bed was huge and I slept on the mostly un-slept on side.

I know, I know, it’s crazy. Ludicrous, even, but hey, it’s just how I am.

And yes, I have an insane amount of sheets. More than can comfortably fit in a large hope chest.

As I said, the people around me humor me about it. When I ask for sheets for Christmas or my birthday, they no longer say “Again?” but instead ask “What color this time?”

My boyfriend only had 2 sets of sheets when we started dating a year and a half ago. He now owns 5 sets. Since he has to pay to wash, I tote the sheets with me and take care of that part. Fair is fair. I’m nuts, but I have some sensibilities.

Because there must be balance in the universe, my kid is the exact opposite of me. He doesn’t even sleep on a sheet. It’s creepy. I’m just saying.

Let sleeping dogs lie ... comfortably in fresh sheets!
Photo courtesy of Csuka András
I   know that I have way more oddities about me than that, but really, I think this is probably the most fun. It’s certainly an interesting conversation piece. 

What about you? What’s your strangest  peccadillo?
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  1. Hey, Jenn! I recently found out that some of my friends have issues with how tightly the bedsheets are pulled. They need them military tight or they can't sleep. I have never even thought about sheets (other than the obvious, when it's time to change them), so it made me feel very left out!

    Here's an odd one from me: I'm a big walker, in the hills, around the neighborhood. But whenever I walk with a partner, I always, always have to walk on the left so I can turn my head to the right to talk to them. I go nuts if we're reversed! Everyone just puts up with this because, luckily, I am the only one with this issue!

  2. My sheets just have to be changed, not super tight.
    I shall make sure if we ever walk together to be on your right! Thanks for sharing, Tina!

  3. Jenn, if I had a housekeeper, I would like the sheets changed daily, just too lazy to do it myself. You may have an allergy to your epidermal cells. Seriously, it happens to people. My quirk is that I don't like the food on my plate to touch. If it does, I can still eat, but not as enjoyable. Husband cooks now and I didn't realize he knew, until I looked at my plate and he said, "Don't worry, nothing is touching." What a guy!