Monday, May 9, 2011

Finding Characters

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to everyone! Yes, even you guys-cause you know!
I slept in. It was totally awesome. Then there was the familiar beep of an incoming text. My son wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day and wondering what plans I had, having none he invited me to spend the day with him! He needed to study, and I needed to write so we headed to Starbucks. Yes, every mother needs a Carmel Macchiato on Mother’s Day and none of the low or nonfat stuff today, please. I think it was the best I’ve ever drank! Certainly it was the best I’ve had this year. The cup came with a personalize Mother’s Day message, how special is that?
But, here’s the best part. I’ve been having trouble with a character; female, blonde, late twenties, sophisticated yet vulnerable-and there she sat at the very first table with her mother and grandmother! I had to stop myself from asking if I could interview her, and I had to be very careful how I obtained information. I needed to stare covertly. It’s an art.
I had Gracie (my sweet little notebook) out and was typing as fast as my fat little fingers would go. I typed nonstop for ten minutes, details and impressions. It was fabulous. I even got some of the interaction between the women; subtle body shifts, amused quirks of an eyebrow, the sudden flash of independence or disapproval. The thing I can’t describe yet is how this young woman managed to cross her legs while sitting down and do it gracefully. It was one fluid motion of easy, graceful movement and I’m not sure how it happened. Too bad I couldn’t ask her to do it again! ;-)
After they left, I was on a mission, how many other characters could I find, describe for current works or future unplanned projects. There was the mom in Panda Express with five small children, yes five under the age of ten, and she was grace under pressure as she wished me Happy Mother’s Day in the most beautiful, serene voice.
The afternoon was reserved for shopping or window gazing and some serious people watching. IKEA, Half-Priced Books, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and everywhere I went-there they were, characters living life and enjoying time in the company of people they loved.
The man alone on a restaurant patio lazed back with one ankle resting negligently on his knee. Babies in carriers, wide eyed or sleeping; in Stone Briar Mall there was a young couple on a bench, baby draped over dads knees sucking down a bottle of milk while mom relaxed. And in the play area, fathers and grandfathers played with the kids so the ladies could shop in peace.
The weather was stunningly wonderful, enriching this day made for spending time with families into a small slice of heaven right here on earth. And then I found these!Kisses From Heaven.
Life is good! Live with passion!

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  1. What a fun Mother's day and so full of inspiration. Go, Ella!