Sunday, May 22, 2011


How to start? Where to begin?
These are critical questions for the beginning of a new manuscript and usually something I get wrong the on the first draft. Thankfully, in fiction there are rewrites.
Revisions aren’t easy; usually it’s a struggle trying to decide what to keep and what to change. What changes make the story best? How to make the changes and keep the elements of the story you envisioned? It’s always a struggle.
But trying to get it right from the beginning is the hardest part. Life doesn’t always follow the prescribed pattern. Neither does fiction, but as the writer you control that-right?
Well, no not always. That’s why there are rewrites, so you can make it better, make it the best.
I guess you can tell I’m struggling with the rewrites. Strike this, save that, change the wording here-all notes that must have your attention.
The reward, the part I’m having trouble envisioning, is a manuscript that is better than when you began. So I’ll get back to it!
Life is good. Enjoy the rain.

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